Friday, December 13, 2013

Crafty Round-Up: Best DIY Nativities

We have quite a few nativities in this house including a beautiful heirloom ceramic nativity that my grandmother gave me. I also have made some myself over the years which include a knitted one and one the kids and I made out of air dry clay. No matter how many we have I can't help but pin more and more because I seriously don't think I could have enough! I went ahead and compiled a few of my favorite wooden ones in this DIY nativity crafty round-up.
A few may require the use of either a coping saw or scroll saw. Coping saws are the much more affordable option but are more time consuming and tricky to operate. If you think you would enjoy making wooden toys a scroll saw is a relatively inexpensive tool to have and quickly pays for itself in wooden toys! Make sure to follow proper safety precautions when using tools...obviously ;)
The first is one of my favorites. This simple nativity puzzle would make a great gift. The instructions can be found at LDS Craft Project.
The instructions for this adorable set can be found at Dabbles and Babbles.
This very simple project could be done with children as the images are cut from paper. You can find instructions and a pattern at Brimful Curiosities.
Here is a truly childproof nativity that can be enjoyed by anyone in the family! Check it out over at Ginger Snap Crafts.
Another block nativity but this one comes with instructions for turning it into stocking holders. Head on over to U Create to see the tutorial.
And finally this simple clothespin nativity ornament is the perfect gift for anyone. You can find the instructions at Lisa Brown.
I hope you enjoyed this round-up and feel free to share!!!

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