Saturday, December 14, 2013

Northern Lights Art Lesson

Although the Aurora Borealis is a concept my son is fairly familiar with and although we weren't learning about it at this particular moment I just had to try this project out. Even my son who rarely enjoys art projects liked this one (with a little help from me!). I also made one since it seems my kids are far more likely to finish a project if I do it with them...and I just like doing it with them! I just have to convince myself to ignore the dirty dishes and dust for a little bit and do the project with them. We used chalk instead of chalk pastels which I am going to pick up next time we go to the store. The colors with the chalk weren't quite as vibrant as a chalk pastel would have been.

Here are our finished projects. We decided the trees should be mountains so we could add some of the shiny gold trees we had on hand. We also added some snowflakes to add to the wintery effect.
Here is W's. I think it turned out wonderfully! I was so glad he enjoyed this project and he was just smitten with the finished product. He lacks confidence in art so perhaps this will help him be more open to our art projects in the future?
The little lady and I worked on this one together as her little hands couldn't quite hold down the stencil and trace the line at the same time. After the first few lines I was pretty much on my own but it was a fun project so I didn't mind.
I hope you like this project and I hope you will try it as well.

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