Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Nature Display 2013

Our nature display doesn't really change all at once. It is more of a gradual thing that slowly happens over the changing seasons. I thought the display looked nice and summery today so I decided to make a quick post.
Do you like the color on the walls? It's new :)
I found this silver plated flower "arranger?" at a rummage sale for .50. I just felt the need to buy it although I rarely have fresh flowers, but it works too freaking perfectly for our nature display!

This was also a part of our spring display but never got taken down. I love it :)

Some odds and ends found on walks. Disregard the twisty tie in the right corner. Didn't see that till now! The white rock on the left is actually a fossil I found in the garden. I finally got it identified as horn coral.
I have been spending a lot of free time getting our school area ready for the new school year. Hopefully I will be able to put pics up soon. I am also waiting on my first order from Joy's Waldorf Supplies. I finally splurged and got some good quality (or I hope so at least) doll making fabric. I also stopped at a local wool co-op and bought some wool roving to stuff it with only to bring it home and realize it smells like the wrong end of a sheep. I guess it is the lanolin in the wool but I certainly don't want to make my daughter a doll that smells like that! Hoping I can figure out how to remove that smell...anyone have any tips?!


  1. Awe is that a wooden morel mushroom? Adorable!

  2. Cripes almighty, I stopped getting email notifications that I had comments so I have like 20 I didn't know I had. Sorry about the late reply! Yes it is a morel! Apparently the real deal is everywhere around here in the spring but I have yet to find one. Hopefully this next year!