Thursday, July 11, 2013

The cheapest Waldorf doll in the world.

I have been wanting to make my daughter a Waldorf doll for awhile. I did make her one but my first attempt fell a little flat. She quickly named the first doll Fatso (no idea where she heard that as it is not a term I have used since 2nd grade) which I told her she needed to rename her so she names her Potato Face instead. I guess it's better than Fatso? I used an old sheet for the first one and it did have a potatoish color to it. I have been trying to decide whether to buy one or make one. I considered buying one for her a few years ago and the average price was about $100. Now it seems to be closer to $200+ so I decided to have a go at it again. I want to actually purchase the really nice doll fabric but that alone is at least $22 for one yard with shipping. What if I mess it up?! I decided to go ahead and use stuff I have on hand and some cheap fabric. She turned out ok...better than the last one!

Here she is! She didn't turn out too bad. I don't know how well the cheap fabric I used for her body will hold up so I have a feeling I will be replacing the body in the next 6 months but that is ok. I got that cheapy nursery fabric they sell at Joann's. I just couldn't resist that $2.49 price tag. Although I like the pattern I used I think I will try another one next time. The pattern is really great and free, I just can't seem to attach the limbs right. I pretty much end up with 10 bloody stumps instead of fingers but the end of it all. I think part of the problem is my doll maker's needle is too short but that is all my Joann's had. Here is the pattern if you want to give it a try. For the head I REALLY REALLY cheaped out. Check it out...

An old pair of work gloves covered in stuffing and an old sock. Lol! Honestly though the head turned out PERFECT. I tried to cover her head with the knit fabric at this point but since I got the cheap knit fabric the grey really showed through. Here is what I did to remedy that...
I'm sure all the "real" Waldorf doll makers out there are cringing right now. Hehe! But hey a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do right?
I loosely followed this wonderful picture tutorial for the hair.
I folded the cap in half and sc down the middle to do the "pigtail" style instead of doing it separate and adding it afterwards.
I'm actually pretty happy with the doll overall. She had to wear clothes because I didn't stuff her enough and her body looks kind of wrinkly but other than that I am happy :) Have you ever made a Waldorf doll? Feel free to link to pictures in the comments. Thanks!