Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Disaster people! DISASTER I SAY!


The sad thing is this scary monstrosity looks better in the picture than it does in real life. This terror of a doll would surely extinguish any joy a child could get from dolls the moment they looked upon this mess!
Let me demystify some things about Waldorf dolls for any of you who have yet to make one:
1. This will not, despite the claims of many doll makers, be a magical experience. You will stab yourself with needles, you will have baby doll parts lying around your house, and you will have a thick cloud of obscenities hovering over your house for about a week. By the time you are done with this doll you will want to name it one of the words you muttered most whilst making it (and no it won't be kid friendly).
2. Do your homework when buying fabric!!!!! Don't trust Etsy reviews because let's face it, there is something about Etsy that makes people (me included) feel nervous about posting the truth about a product in a review (I guess it is the small mom and pop feel about the website). My advice is if you are thinking about purchasing from a supplier, Google "*Their company Name* quality of fabric". If I had done this with the company I purchased from I would have found out that their fabric is some of the thinnest and has the most stretchiness on the market. I honestly feel that most old clothes (light sweatshirts or heavy t-shirts) make better dolls. Now I am not saying there aren't quality fabrics to be purchased on Etsy. Just do your homework beyond Etsy reviews.
3. Don't use the free patterns you can find online on your EXPENSIVE crappy fabric. Ugh!!! I just wasted like $10 in fabric with this doll. That may not seem like a lot but I have a very tiny craft budget so it is huge! I would suggest making the doll with a t-shirt or something first and then you can make your adjustments. For me, most Waldorf doll arms look way too huge for the doll (like baby body builders) and short. I should have tested this pattern on some less expensive fabric first.
Rant done. I am going to go clean up my doll making mess now!

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