Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thrifty Tuesdays

Hey there!  So this Thrifty Tuesday will be a bit different.  Hubby's parents have 80 acres and 2 old barnes kind of close to us.  Well my father in law told John (husband) that he was going to start throwing out stuff from the barns.  Well when I heard this I think I screamed a little.  I loooove old junk.  So we went up and I looked through some stuff and look at this sweet stuff I found!

I found what I thought was a tool box...

John's grandpa's old tackle box.  Some of the tackles are made of wood and really cool looking.

John's Grandpa used to own a grocery store in the 50's.

This is what the Bluebird pie man would bring fresh pies in everday.  How sweet is that?!  (Sorry about the dirt...these were taken in the 3 spare minutes I had this afternoon)

This is an old cash drawer...I am assuming it was used for the store.

I found this small crock and a little wood mallet.  I thought maybe this crock was used for butter?

And this...well it's like a wooden pitcher but I don't think it is wood.  It is really light weight....

Some other odds and ends.

And some old fuses...


This is just the half of what I got that day...which is like a 20th of what is in there...seriously if you like old junk you would pee yourself if you saw this place!   Tell me your now jelouse!  Anyways next Tuesday is back to normal...just wanted to show you my super awesome finds!!!!