Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day to myself...

Yes all to has been really nice.  The bummer is I have to go to work here in a couple you ever get the overwhelming desire to not go to work?  Or do you love what you do?  I do like my job, nice people, nice atmosphere...but I would much rather my home and my kids be my full time job as I feel they suffer a lot when I work.  We sat down with our finances and with having just paid off the car and the fact that we won't have much of a gas bill for about 6 mos. I probably could stay home.  Plus if we do well at the market that will help even more.  I still wish I could stay at home and have even a little bit of money coming in.  Anywho John took the kids up to the farm to do some stuff which I would have liked to gone and helped but didn't want to have to rush to get back as there is a lot to do.  I did get to spend the day making some Easter gifts for the wee ones...

Some wonky little house blocks for my son, which are totally inspired by Amber Dusick.

He may be getting too old for such simple toys...but I don't particularly care as I know he will love them ;)

And this little ball for the wee babe.  I fluffed it so it looks nice and real life it is rather lopsidded...but she won't care!

So yes this is what I spent my day doing and it was really nice.  Listened to a little Stevie Ray Vaughan and ate some chocolate.  I have tomorrow off so I am very excited.  Hope you all have a lovely day :)

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