Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

Well it's only been about a million years since I made a Thrifty Tuesday post!!! You can check out my old ones under labels on the right sidebar if you want. I have been trying my best to only go to the thrift store when I am really looking for something. Lately it has been boring stuff like organizational items for homeschooling. I went today specifically for some fabric to finish my daughter's quilt. I was also looking for some frames for an exciting project I have coming up (as soon as that darn Amazon book gets here!).

A frame I did find! Actually two but I forgot to take a picture of the other one (looks pretty much like this one!). Well wouldn't you know that piece of cardboard backing, when turned around, is this kind of awesome vintage farm scene. It's just a print but darn it if I don't love it. Well shucks, I guess I will just have to go out next Tuesday to look for another frame to replace this one!
And well you know I had to look at the other stuff while I was there. And I do have this thing for vintage mugs. Boy did I score!
Isn't this the most awesomely awesome vintage airplane mug you have ever seen? I'm not even an airplane person but this is just too cool anyways. It might even be better than my penny-farthing mug I found a few years ago.
I also found this cute little handmade doll jacket that should fit our American Girl Molly just right. You know my thrift store (yes it's mine, I mean I don't own it...but it's still mine) has all these nooks and crannies where they try and pile things that "make sense" together. There are lots of shelves with drawers to go through. One time I found a drawer full of nothing but vintage Christmas lights (the really old big ones). This time I found a drawer labeled "doll clothes". Now we have just recently been getting into dressing the dolls for different occasions and such so maybe I just missed it before, but I'm glad I know where it is now! This little number needs some repairs in the armpit but for .25 I figured it was well worth it! Especially since I was informed last time we took Molly out that she needed a jacket. Well now she is set! How do you guys like my finds?!

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