Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scrappy Heart Tag Bunting

Well the new workspace is coming along. I am trying to create a space that looks good and uses some of the odds and ends we have around the house without overcrowding. This area is pretty much the first thing you see when you walk in the front door so I am doing my best to keep the chaos at bay!

 We ended up putting my sewing machine on a small sewing table under the window. Much safer to sew on than the old trampoline table! The porcelain top table works well as a plain old workspace though.
My wine cork pin board I finally got around to making. I got the idea from Pinterest and just hot glued them to a yardstick. I am going to have to find a better glue though because as usual the hot glue doesn't really hold them on well. Especially when one is constantly pinning and unpinning inspiration!

The little wooden shelf is actually the cash drawer from the old general store my father in law's dad owned back in the day. The metal basket is a flea market find and is a bike basket that we removed the hardware from.

Having this space has been wonderful and it is much easier to create when I have a clean area just waiting for me!

We have had some seriously arctic temperatures the past few days. This is the inside of my kitchen window last night. Yup, pretty chilly.
The perfect time to do a little crafting! I have been wanting to hang something on the mantle and was thinking of a bunting. I really wanted to do something other than the regular old triangle bunting though. We aren't huge Valentine's Day celebrators around here but I thought a little nod to the holiday wouldn't be a bad idea.
If you didn't already know, fabric can be easily sewn onto thicker paper. These manila tags are leftover from tags I used to make and sell at craft shows. I also used a little jute to tie them up. I used a zigzag stitch and it worked quite well. I tried to use some bits of an old felted sweater but it was very stretchy and a challenge to sew so I just stuck to regular cotton fabrics after that.


I really like how it turned out. It really fits the mood of the room with the new workspace. Handmade and casual!

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