Monday, February 25, 2013

Reusable Produce Bag from Orange/Onion Bag

Here is another pattern I had on our farm blog that is probably more appropriate to have over here. I made this pattern 3 years ago but I am still using these bags regularly. They are really fast and easy and best of all cheap. Have fun!

Orange bag/onion bag recycled drawstring produce bag pattern :)

So I think this is pretty easy but I thought I would put some instructions on how to make the produce bags.  This was something I really wanted to make to eliminate the need for the plastic bags at the store.  The added bonus is that you are using something else that would just get thrown out!  If you don't know how to crochet this is an easy skill to learn and pretty useful.

Start with an orange or onion bag.  Cut the bottom off.

With the yarn end on the inside of the bag, yarn over and draw thru a hole on either end of the bag.  This is going to be the top of the bag where the drawstring will be.

Ch 1, sc around the bag (count how many chains you make this will be how many you need for your drawstring.  This number will vary with each bag.).  Join to ch 1.

Ch 3, skip 1 ch and dc in next ch.  Ch 1 skip 1 ch and dc in next ch.  Continue this around the bag.  Join to top of ch 2.  Finish off.

Ch the number of sc you had.  This will be your drawstring.

Weave the drawstring in and out of your dc's.  Tie the two end together and there is the top of your bag!

The next step will be to close up the other end of your bag.

To do this you want to put your need thru both sides of the bag. Yarn over and pull the yarn thru.  Ch 1 and sc across the bottom.

This is what your bag should look like! (I couldn't take a pic with the new's the end of the week so we have ate all of our fruit already!)

Using these bags eliminates another source of waste which is awesome!  Make these for people you know or give them away to anyone who will use them!!!


  1. What a lovely and useful idea! I've tried it to decorate a flowerpot. Thanks a lot!