Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My policy on using my patterns and pictures

I got an email today from a very nice person letting me know that my my picture of my floppy bunny hat was being used on a page without permission. I went to look but the person had already taken it down so problem solved!

That got me thinking that I never have put a "policy" about that kind of stuff on here (uh, at least I don't think so!). First I want to say that while the info below might sounds rude, there are very few people out there that break the rules and the below info is for them only. The rest of you are awesome! While I would like people who use my pictures and patterns to read the following info, I know very few would actually do the things I mention below. Anyways, here is the deal:

The only pictures you may use are pictures of my finished projects (if you want to use pics of other parts of the tutorial for some reason just shoot me an email and let me know what you are using it for and I will get back to you quickly) but you must add a link to the post you are taking the picture from and clearly state that it is from my site. Please only use ONE picture. Some of my patterns are available for anyone to sell (check each pattern individually to see if you can or can't please), so it is my personal advice that if you do make something from a pattern of mine to sell, that you should really make it and take your own picture to use. I mean, from a business viewpoint that just makes more sense to me and seems more professional anyways.

Obviously you can use any of my patterns for personal use or charitable use (how or why would I stop you anyways?!). You can sell products you make with some of my patterns (each pattern should list whether that is ok or not. If you have a question on whether you can sell products from a pattern or not, shoot me an email and I will respond quickly). Please DO NOT sell my pattern. Unfortunately I have seen quite a few patterns that look an awful lot like my patterns for sale. I am putting these patterns on here free for anyone as something nice I like to do. Please don't be rude about it and try to take credit and or sell my patterns. On the other hand, sometimes things are coincidence. I have made things that I thought I was probably the first to make and boy was I wrong! That leads me to the next thing. I have seen patterns that were exactly the same as mine except for a stitch or two on websites where the person took complete credit for the pattern. Seriously, that is lame. Come up with your own stuff please :) I have altered a couple of patterns from other sites and have thought about putting them here, but you can bet I would have a link to the original pattern and I would only post the rows I changed. Not post the whole pattern with the changes I made. That way people have to go to the original site which is really how it should work.

Like I said before, I know most people follow the rules and probably don't even need to have this stuff laid out for them. To all those awesome peeps; thanks so much for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy the patterns and other stuff and I love having you here! :)


  1. so many crappy things happening to good and kind designers. :(

  2. I feel bad having to put this up here as I know 99% if people are respectful and wouldn't do that kind of stuff. It is just that dang 1%!