Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finish it!

Ok so things have been really busy but really fun this summer!  Farmers Market has been great, and we have had a lot of successes and failures in the garden, but mostly succeses.  I absolutely love staying home with the kids, and am still working one day a week which is nice for groceries and what not.  I still need to get my butt moving on canning more as I have only canned 3 jars of pickled beets, 3 jars of applesauce with plastic in them (ok not plastic, but I guess when I cored them I got big chunks of the middle part which didn't grind up in my food processor which my 4 year old refers to as plastic!), 5 jars of pickled garlic scapes, and 5 jars of mulberry raspberry and rhubarb jam that I think tastes funny.  I haven't had much time for crafting but recently Chase over at Oh the Cuteness started a craft challenge called Finish It! which I have decided to participate in.  Basically you finish all your unfinished project before Dec. 15th (there is more to it so run on over there and check it out!).  This is another great kick in the bum for me as I have some things that really need done.  First off my daughters baby blanket (she is 9 1/2 mos now!) needs done for her b-day (end of Sept.) or Christmas (well Dec. 15th at the latest!).  Actually I would prefer to get it done by her b-day for Christmas.  That way I know it is done!  The other major project is an entry I want to do for the county fair.  I want to crochet a bunch of "Fair Food" and enter that.  I had some stuff to use already that I crocheted for my son.  I made a really cute pumpkin pie that I can't find but will take a pic of as soon as I can!  This is the first of the projects I started as the fair is Oct. 16th.  I know I said I wanted the blanket done first but I really wanted to do the fair entry because I have been talking about doing this for a couple of years now.  Also I had to design my own patterns so it took a bit of playing around but I actually finished these four in about 3 days!

Overall I am pretty happy with them.  The pretzel is just a tube I crocheted then tied together in 3 places.  It needs to be taken apart and re-tied as it is a little lopsided.  The cone on the ice cream cone could fit better as well.  It kind of bunches at the top which you can't see in the pic.  The burger and cinnamon roll turned out great I think!  So there you have it.  I might make one more thing for this project, I am not sure.  So far so good!  So if you are like me and most crafters and have lots of unfinished projects, head on over to Oh the Cuteness and join the fun!


  1. Yay! Thanks for joining Leslie! I adore your crocheted foods, I think the ice cream cone is my favorite but I cannot wait to see the pie. I had always wanted to enter things in the fair, maybe someday I still will. Hope the challenge helps you get things done on time!

  2. Hi Leslie, just taking a peek over here. You commented on my blog BizarreKnits :) How cool that we live in the same town! We garden also, have a coop of chickens and I also can. I "Liked" your Family Gardens page on Facebook... I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and enjoyed your photos :) If you need help with your knitting let me know, you can email me any time