Monday, June 21, 2010

Thrifty Monday!

Ah I swear I have not forgotten my blog I promise!  I was having some issues with Blogger.  It wasn't letting me upload photos.  Then little man broke my camera which is actually a blessing as I need a new one.  I just have to figure out if I want to buy a good one.  So here is some stuff I bought last week at the thrift store. 

I will start off with my most favoritest find...maybe one of all time favorites (ok top 5?).  It is one of those canvas baskets you see people carrying around the farmers market.  I find it is very useful to take to the store as well because you can carry your groceries around in it and leave with no bags!  Of course this only works if you need a couple of things.  I paid $1.50 for this!!!  The book is a book about the Pike Place Market which I bought the same day for .25!
A groovy little pyrex dish, perfect for a small loaf of zucchini bread.
Every lady needs a pair of black shoes...and apparently needs a pink pair of slippers with some kind of weird bunny.  Ah I couldn't pass them up!
And a little amber glass dish...completely useless really but I just love the color of the glass.

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