Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thrifty Tuesdays

Well I got this stuff on Sunday so I decided not to go today.  I also didn't get pictures of everything...lazy!  Anywho I got...

This valance!  I have been looking forever for a valance for this window.  Story goes that I bought some fabric to make valances for this window and two other windows in this room (living room).  Well I didn't buy enough and when I went back it was gone.  So I only have enough to make the two other windows.  Well I figured I could try and find something neutral to go with them.

Up close...I like the natural look.

And this skirt that is really fun to twirl around in...uh I mean I am assuming it is...(hehe)

And a little scarf to use here and there.  I paid 6 1/2 cents or something for it...sweet huh?!

So as you might tell I have a lot of stuf.  I really need to pick and choose and get rid of some stuff...soo as cliche as it sounds I think I am going to open an Etsy shop!  Hehe...it wouldn't be a crafty/vintagetype/thrifty blog if I didn't!  So hopefully more on that soon!

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