Saturday, May 8, 2010


So I used to think that fresh cut flowers were wasteful...well I guess I still kind of do.  That is until I get some flowers and see how much they can transform a room.  Well I still have issues with spending a lot of money on flowers (although I see why you would!) and I realized that at least half of the year I drive by or walk by gorgeouse flowers that I have always considered weeds.  I saw some people selling wild flowers last year at the farmers market so this year we decided to do the same thing.  I mean we sold them dirt cheap but people seemed to appreciate the fact that someone had taken the time to go out and cut them. 

They really do complete that spring feeling!

They can really brighten up a room!

I could have put them all over the house...but I wanted to leave plenty for the bees!!  Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

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