Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thrifty Tuesdays!

I am moving Thrifty Tuesdays over here because they fall in the more crafty catagory and because I generally do something crafty with them!  Here are my finds today...

The frame I plan on converting to a message board and the pear...well it will probably just stay a pear!

I am a strong believer that one can not have enough wooden fruit.

Inside this box was the real find today...

Eeeek!  I know awesome right?!  I love old game pieces.

Yeah that's what I said when I found these!

And some other odds and ends in thes box.

I actually had to stop myself today....I just can't fit everything into my house!  There was this sweet huge old red gas canister, an old industrial looking hole puncher, and rock em sock em robots!  If you go here and here you can see some of my other thrifty finds on GFG.

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