Thursday, March 11, 2010

My new obsession...

So I bit the bullet and bought a scroll saw...and I love it!  I have been wanting one for awhile now but have been putting it off.  Since buying handmade toys may not be possible here soon I thought I should start making some toys for my own kiddos.

I have always loved matryoshka's and I really wanted to make one. 

My woodburning skills need some practice!  They aren't perfect but I am still really happy how they turned out.  If you are considering buying a scroll saw I would reccomend it.  The tree was a bit challenging to make with all of its turns but my little boy loves it!  It is not as easy as it looks but I have improved a lot in a short amount of time.  The scroll saw is much easier to use then my old coping saw. I believe this is an investment that will pay off very quickly.  Two great blogs to check out are Amber Dusick, and Wee Folk Art.  They both are full of great toy ideas.

*Here is my disclaimer!  I am not giving you instructions on how to use these tools.  Follow all proper saftety standards in your scroll saw manual.  Be carefule :)*

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