Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Can you believe this blog name wasn't taken?  Go me!  So I am starting this blog as a place to put my crafty ideas, patterns, and links to other craftiness.  If you don't know how to make crafts you totally should!  It is fun and satisfying.  My favorite crafty hobbies include #1 crochet!, sewing, emroidery, and all things that fall in the "don't have a catagory" catagory.  If you are interested in self sufficient informational tidbits visit me over at the other blog .  As my first crafty post I want to show you this cute little crocheted flower garland I made.  If you dont know how to crochet you can learn here.

I figured if I couldn't force spring to come earlier I would at least make it look a bit more like spring in my house.

I call it the Spinny Flower Pattern because the petals kind of spin in one direction.  To make a garland is pretty simple.  Just string em on some twine!

Spinny Flower Pattern:

Yarn: Sugar and Cream
Hook Size: G
Guage: This would be a good time to explain that none of my projects will include "guage" organized!

Ch 5

Join in first sc to make a circle, ch 2
15 hdc inside circle
Join to top of ch 2
Ch 2, in next ch (hdc, dc, trch, slip stitch in next ch, ch 2) around, slip stitch and finish off!

Obviously a very simply written pattern.  If I can clarify anything for you please email me!

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