Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crocheted Spring Garland Pattern

Hey there!  Are you feeling as great about spring as me?!  I just had to bring some color indoors since everything is so pretty outside. 
Note: Just remembered that this link is broken. I have re-added the pattern below!

For the garland across my fireplace I made 6 motif's. They whip up in very little time and use a small amount of yarn, making them a great frugal decoration! Crochet is a wonderful frugal craft, as it requires little expense to start and there are tons of free patterns out there.

These can also be used as gift toppers, or just little things you hang here and there around the house.

This pattern is pretty easy so I would suggest it for advanced beginners. I like to use Lily's Sugar N Cream cotton yarn, but I have also used Red Heart Super Saver with great results as well.

For this pattern you will need:

Hook Size G

4 colors of yarn. In my pattern I reference the colors, blue as A, white as B, green as C, and purple as D.

I also added a little button in the center of mine which is optional.

When I reference breaking off a color of yarn what I suggest doing is tying both ends of the yarn in the back in a knot. This will make your life a lot easier! When you are done with the motif you will have a bunch of ends of yarn hanging out in the back. Just weave the ends of the yarn into the back of the work.

Abbreviations I will be using:

sl st=slip stitch

sc= single chain

hdc= half double chain

yo= yarn over

If you have any questions about the pattern, or need something in the pattern explained, just send me an email by going to the "Contact Us" page found to the left of the page.

Starting with color A, ch 3, then make 14 hcd in the 1st stitch of your ch 3 (reference picture above). Join at the top of the ch 3 with a sl st.

Break off color A and join color B. *Ch 3, skip a space, then join with a sl st in next ch.* Repeat * to * around 6 more times, making a total of 7 ch 3 spaces.

Break of color B and join color C. In the first ch 3 space, sc 6 times. Do the same in the next 6 ch 3 spaces.

Break of color C and join color D. Sl st in the first stitch of color C from the previous round. Sc in next ch, and hdc in the next ch. Ch 2, hdc, sc, sl st in the next 3 ch. *Sl st, sc, hdc, ch 2, hdc, sc, sl st* around 6 more times.

Break off color D. Insert hook into the first ch of color D, yo and pull through. Tie in back with end of yarn from previous color. Weave in all of the ends of the yarn in the back of your motif.

Here is what the finished motif will look like all strung up :) !

Make as many as you want, in whatever color combinations you like!

You  may use the products you make with this pattern for commercial use but DO NOT SELL THE PATTERN. Please read my picture and pattern use policy before selling any of the products please. If you sell a bunch and would like to make a little donation for my yarn addiction collection, I would greatly appreciate it! You can find the donate button at the top of the pages on the right of the screen.

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