Thursday, April 3, 2014

Knitty happenings!

Trying to use up these last chilly days to get some knitting in as I will hopefully be outside gardening more in the near future!!! Found these sweet little balls o' yarn for half price. No clue what I can use them for but they are decorating my work table right now and that seems to be working just fine!

I made these little birdies with the free "Bluebird of Happiness" pattern on Ravelry. It was from the same author as "Henry's Bunny" and I loved it just as much.
They are happily perched in the nature table area right now.

I also whipped up this little guy whilst binging on some Doctor Who. I kind of winged it but a similar pattern can be found here. I did mine in the round with twenty stitches down to the legs where I divided onto 2 sets of 3 needles (10 stitches each) and knit down. I closed the feet up with some yarn. I weaved yarn in and out of every other stitch at the neck and tied in the back. The head was tied up the same way. Arms were knit flat with 8 rows colored and two flesh color, sewn up, stuffed and attached. Hat was knit in the round with twenty stitches and I knit for about 5 rows and reduced stitches by eyeballing it!

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