Friday, January 17, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

Yeah I know it's not Tuesday but I have been having the most ridiculous time trying to get photos to load to Picmonkey. Turns out my SD card was going bad. Good to know! Thankfully I had just backed up my pictures a few weeks ago so I only lost a few. So I got a new SD card and now I can share some of my thrifty finds from this Tuesday!
First we start with these awesome vintage cookbooks I found. There was a whole box of them plus BAGS and BAGS of recipes cut out from magazines. They were all probably from the 50's and it took some serious restraint to not buy them all up. I mean I could have framed a bunch of the really cool looking recipes...but would I? Probably not. So I passed them up and just picked out two of my favorite books. Tasty Table Treats (the one with the menacing looking lady) is actually a vegetarian cookbook although there is no indication of this fact on the front or back of this book. I think they were trying to trick people? Some of the recipes are such vegetarian classics as parsley loaf (pretty much just breadcrumbs and a crap ton of parsley), Tampa Bay Soup (veggie gumbo with an unreasonable amount of peanut butter, and my slaw which consists of 2 ingredients, cabbage and sauerkraut juice heated up. Ew. I mean just eat the sauerkraut! Let's all be grateful that vegetarian cooking has come a long way!
I got this awesome olive green McCoy bowl but didn't realize it had a chip until I got I gots plans for it!
My favorite find of the day...this great vintage cross stitch. The colors are awesome and I have visions of this hanging on my porch!

A cute little Peter Rabbit print that spoke to me because of the sweet aqua frame. I plan to hang this in our loft area that houses many toys and books.

A tablecloth for farmers' market which is kind of a mustache hound's-tooth.

These neat little hand painted bird plates. I have a soft spot for birdy items. I need to grab some plate holders next time I am at the $1 store. 

And not really part of Thrifty Tuesday but I ordered this book of Dale Dearmond prints. My grandma gave me the same book and I looked online for prints for sale but I didn't find much. She was an Alaskan artist that my grandma came across while traveling in Alaska in the 90's.

She got the book for me for my 10th birthday which I am sure was promptly shoved in a bookshelf only to be discovered a few years ago. The prints (wood block) are amazing and I have wanted some to hang on my walls. The original gift book has a little message written to me from my grandma so it couldn't be dissected but I ordered this used copy from Amazon for $5.

Here is the first one I framed. Love it.

Another technically not "Thrifty Tuesday" item which was "thrifted" from my basement which is actually full of thrifty goodness I keep forgetting about. Maybe I should just start going down in my basement and going through boxes on Tuesday? Would save me a bit of money! This awesome potato chip tin from the 40's is just too cool. I didn't know potato chips were a health food...sweet! I plan on using it as a trash can for thread and scrappy fabric bits in the old workspace.
I am also trying to start a Thrifty Tuesday Pinterest board so everyone can share their own thrifty finds. Follow the link and email me to request to join!


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