Friday, January 31, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday Part Duex

So the only other thing I could find that I purchased this week were these awesome handmade puppets! There were quite a few but I felt like I should leave some for someone else to find.

A giraffe, a dragon, and a mouse! There is also a frog floating around the house somewhere. Perhaps we will find him again someday...maybe not. There was an awesome lady puppet with super crazy exaggerated features (think Lady Elaine Fairchilde but with long red hair!) but I knew she would freak the heck right out of my kids so I had to pass unfortunately. I am hoping the purchase of these puppets will help me get my act together to make this.
In other news...
This little lady has been a WIP since before my daughter's birthday in September. I stopped working on her when her head turned out the way it did. It's just totally not what I wanted. I was hoping for more of a baby face and hers is a little more mature than I expected. Her feet also turned out ridiculous and her legs are far too short. Her arms, which you can't really see in this photo, make her look like a body builder. BUT I just couldn't stand the thought of those wasted hours so I finished her up last weekend. I also found some little fairy wings at the thrift store and sewed them onto her dress. So now she is a fairy with incredible upper body strength. She actually looks pretty good in this pic but I don't think she as impressive in real life. I keep trying with these Waldorf dolls, I really do. I just can't seem to get it. I made the decision to splurge on an American Girl doll for my daughter (since they were discontinuing my fav, Molly) and make a Waldorf doll instead of purchasing one. Now I sort of wish I had gone the other way...oh well though! Maybe I can just keep trying. What do you think of her?

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