Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Pattern: Chunky Knit Hat with Cables

I have been seriously enjoying our winter break from my schooling and homeschooling. Work also slows down a bit in December so I finally had some free time! I have been wanting to make a quilt since I was 10 so it was about time to get around to it.
I used fabric I had on hand (some was my grandma's so I have had it for 15+ years!!). I used an old flannel sheet for the backing and did purchase the batting although I think I will use a flannel blanket next time. I used the fusible batting which didn't seem to work so well. Has anyone else had problems with it? It's taken me a few years to find a nice simple quilt tutorial. All the other ones I have found seem to be far too complicated for a beginner. I just wanted the simplest block quilt for a first time. I did make the quilt larger than the tutorial and the blocks were 13 in. by 13 in. I made it in about 4 hours and am so happy with it! Here is the tutorial by Kimberly at A Time to Freeze. Thank you Kimberly for making a simple beginner tutorial!!!
We have has the most wonderful snowy winter so far. We have only had a couple inches at a time which makes it perfect for playing in and the roads don't get too bad and are cleared quickly. We had one of those snows yesterday and took some Christmas toys outside today to play with.

We are so lucky to have a nice quiet park just down the street from us. It's pretty much just a field with a swing set, monkey bars, and a small picnic shelter which means lots of open space to play and not a lot of people.

The kids got these fun foam rocket launchers for Christmas so we got to try them out today. They were pretty fun if I do say so myself!

I also got to try out my new chunky knit cabled hat and oh my is it warm! In fact it might have to be reserved for very cold days as a mildly cold day might be too warm for it. It is seriously comfy and fits me better than any hat I have ever made before. Therefore I have declared it "the best hat ever" (well to me anyways!).
I have jotted down the pattern for you in case you would also like to make this chunky cabled knit hat.
Fair warning, this pattern hasn't been "tested" except by me. If there is a problem and you email me I will respond quickly (glennfamilygardens at g mail dot com). If you would like to link to this pattern feel free to use one picture and a link to the project. You guys sharing my projects is always appreciated! Please feel free to sell any hats you make from this pattern just please please don't sell the pattern or copy and paste it onto your blog. I worked really hard getting this just right!

Needles: Size 10 1/2 to cast on and 5 size 9 double pointed needles to make the hat. I found that casting on with the larger sized needle really helped me attain the perfect stretch. I found I was casting on way too tight with just the 9's. If you are able to cast on very loosely with the 9's I think it would be fine.

Yarn: Lionbrand Hometown USA Chunky (This is labeled as "super bulky" but it doesn't seem as bulky as the Lionbrand chunky wool blend yarn and seems chunkier than Bernat chunky yarn. I find their to be a huge difference in yarns so I think it is pretty important to use the Hometown chunky.)

Cable: I did a two over two left slanting cable over 4 stitches. It is just like the first cable in this YouTube video. I'll just refer to it as "cable" in the pattern.

Cast on 64

Rows 1-5: k2 p2 around (5 rows of ribbing total)

Row 6: Cable over the first 4 stitched, p4, around (8 times total)

Row 7-11: k4, p4 around

Row 12: Cable over the first 4 stitches, p4 around (8 times total)

Row 13-17: k4, p4 around

Row 18: Cable over the first 4 stitches, p4, around (8 times total)

Row 19-23: k4, p4 around

Row 24: Cable over the first 4 stitches, p4, around (8 times total)

Closing up the top

Row 25: k4 p2tog p2 around

Row 26: k4 p2tog p1 around

Row 27: k4 p2tog around

Row 28: k3 k2tog k3 k2tog around

Row 29: k2 k2tog around

Row 30: k1 k2tog k1 around

Row 31: k1 k2tog around

Row 32: k 2tog around

Cut about 6 inches of yarn, thread it through the remaining stitches and close up the top. That's it!

Now part of my New Year's crafty resolutions is to be better at fixing patterns if things go awry. Please email me or leave a comment if something isn't clear or if there is a mistake. I promise to fix it as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. I really like your quilt, your hat and your sewing corner!!!

    Thanks for share the pattern! :)

  2. Thanks Alejandra! The quilt was really fun to make and I am working on another one right now. Hopefully I will post pics soon. Glad you like that pattern!