Friday, December 27, 2013

Homemade Gifts

As usual I planned on making a lot more gifts than I actually did. Overall I did pretty well but there were a few more store bought substitutions than I wanted. Oh well! Here are the things I made...

I've wanted to make them a farm play set for awhile. I found the wooden manger at a thrift store and painted it like a barn. The playsilk is actually a stretchy cotton fabric from Joann's and I dyed it with food coloring. We switched to the natural food coloring and it was a perfect project to use the other stuff for. I used this tutorial here and loved it.
The slingshot was a big hit with my son. I gave him a bag of cotton balls and he is only allowed to use it when my husband and I are around. He loves games where he has to hit a target so he just loves this. The owl stuffie is a replacement for the original which disappeared after we entered it in the fair. My daughter was very happy to get a replacement. She says it is better now that it is pink (of course). I used a combo of my owl purse and owl pillow pattern to make this. It falls in between both of those patterns in size and is perfect to snuggle. You can find both of those pattern in the "crochet pattern" page above.
I did take a break from making gifts to make myself this scarf. I have never done a drop stitch before and it worked up pretty quick. I love the soft pink color. It seems to snag easily though and a couple strands are pulled out and I can't get them back in. I am not sure if the needles I used were too large? Anyways I love it and it was nice to make something for myself. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! Did you make any gifts this year?


  1. Oh my, I LOVE the farm set. That scarf is so feminine. You did great this year!

  2. Thanks! I was actually just messing around with the scarf at first because I wasn't sure if I liked the drop stitch look but that color of yarn worked so well. It turned out very lacey and feminine.