Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Decorating

We did most of our Christmas decorating Friday. I tried not to put too much out, keeping in mind that I have to put it all away in a month.

I'm going for a more natural look for the tree this year. I made this birch branch ornament from a toilet paper tube that I painted with some brown lines. It was very easy and it looks really nice. The picture isn't too clear but it's been pretty gloomy here lately.
Here is a larger view of the tree. I put some of my mushroom ornaments up, some Sugar Gum seed pods and some pine cones. I also stuck in some broom corn here and there. The stuff grew like weeds this year and we didn't go to the Thanksgiving market to sell it so we have A TON. I also strung up cranberries for the first time. I have always wanted to do this but never seem to get around to it. It didn't take too long and I like how it looks. The tree is supposed to be a work in progress during the month of December. We are planning on adding things to it as we find them outside.
I found some Osage Oranges in front of our local art museum yesterday and brought them home to dry. This is a first for me and they are dehydrating right now. I hope they turn out well as they are also destined for the tree.
The advent calendar I made a few years ago is still in good shape so I strung it up again. I got the inspiration from Maya. I believe I have blogged about it before? It was very easy to make. I simply sewed the bottom of the roll together on my sewing machine, painted each one and added a number and snowflake.
I felt inspired to do a more naturally themed decorating this year after we tore up our carpets. We have the most beautiful hardwood floors and they have really changed the feel of the house which made me realize how much I love natural materials. I am also hoping this will lead to a more simpler holiday altogether...we will see!
Of course I had to put up my Putz village. It doesn't really go with the natural theme but I just love these pastel 50's houses. They remind me of the old claymation Rudolph movie.
What kind of decorating are you doing this year? Do you have a blog you are sharing your ideas on? If so, leave a comment below!


  1. Love the village! We were lucky enough to inherit ours from Jared's grandma. Well, no one else wanted it, LOL. I was jumping up and down with my hand in the air. I'll take it! Me!

    1. Good for you! My grandma got rid of hers so I was on a mission to find some. Now it's a bit of a problem ;) Just love those little houses!