Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gnome Ghome Ghappenings

We seem to have accumulated a massive amount of plastic toys lately that never get played with so I have been doing a bit of an overhaul on getting rid of the ones that NEVER get played with. I have brought out some much loved wooden and other natural toys that were in storage because we were running out of room. It makes such a difference in the energy of the house to get rid of the noisy plastic stuff!

I find this switch back to a more Waldorf style has been very inspirational for new crafty goodness. A huge centerpiece of the toys is the gnome home. We use it as a nature table of sorts and decorate it for the holidays and seasons. I wanted to make a few things to bring new life to this toy for the kids.

First is the gnome garden. Sorry for the crap-tastic picture. I have seen lots of knitted farms and plays capes but it would take me 10 years to knit one so I decided to slowly crochet a farm play scape. Next up is a hay field followed by a pond area. Then who knows. The garden is just Fisherman's Wool yarn doubled up. I used a row of hdc, them a row of 2 hdc, 1 popcorn stitch in a veggie color, 2 hdc, etc. The lettuce was a little more complicated and maybe some day I will write down how I did it ;)

I also found some of these cute little baby peg people at Hobby Lobby so I used Fisherman's Wool yarn and a size E hook to make a little "blanket" and a basket with handles. What have you been making lately?

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  1. hi never heard of baby pep people or seen them till now adorable love the blog renee by for now