Monday, November 22, 2010

Early Christmas craftiness

If it wouldn't cause so much distress in the house I think I would decorate in early October.  As it is I just like to sneak some early Christmas decorations here and there.  I also bought my copy of Martha's Christmas issue, so I have been doing some things from that.  Here are some acorn ornaments I made for the Little Mans teacher's...

I used some of Martha's glitter, which is super expensive but really does look better then the cheap stuff.  Also I got some pipe cleaners which I haven't used since 2nd grade to make this...

It took me awhile to find off white pipe cleaners.  You can't really see the colors that well in this picture (stupid camera!).  Not sure if this looks too "preschoolerish".  Usually I try and read DH's expression but he was ratherhard to read that day so I guess I won't find out the truth for a couple of years.  Lol!  Also working on Little Lady's present which is knitted, and taking my longer then I hoped due to the fact that I am not a very fast knitter yet!  Hopefully pictures will follow soon!

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